More Pictures about climate change

Oil Slick – 2021 Mixed media on paper

 It has been said that
the issue of climate change looms as “the great moral challenge of our
generation” and the public discourse has steadily increased in
intensity over the last decade or so. Now that the effects of this
unparalleled existential threat to our contemporary way of life, is
asserting itself with ever growing momentum, I find that I am
compelled to add my small voice to the din of public debate that
pervades our media and in turn our consciousness.

In many ways the covid-19 pandemic is a taste of what we have install,
as temperature change in turn impacts the spread of insect plagues and
disease, and the melting permafrost uncovers viruses that have laid
dormant for thousands of years. The increase in prevalence and
intensity of bush fires, floods and adverse weather events adds to the
immediacy of the threat and our collective responsibility to undertake
profound action with haste and diligence.

My arts practice has been inevitably drawn toward issues of social
prominence, from environmental themes to the plight of refugees and
their harsh incarceration at the hands inhumane policy and political
agendas. I absorb and am influenced by media debate and am not afraid
to disclose my own political standpoint through the content of my art
I work in a variety of mediums and techniques that have been developed
over 33 years of dedicated practice to help me capture something of
the essence and resonance of my given subject. I have never been an
illusionistic painter, and feel most comfortable working in a rather
abstract and flat space where layering is deployed to add depth, and
recreate a version of reality and so the realistic is veiled in my
imaginative interpretations.

New Winter Calamity – 2021, Mixed Media on Paper

To bring oneself to a point of being ready to share your work with a
wider audience is an immense challenge, but one that is so valuable
for the artist in the elucidation of ideas and realisation of a
complete series of work. That last crucial piece of the creative
process, is indeed formal presentation and the ensuing interaction
with an audience. Unfortunately I am yet to successfully find a venue to hold an exhibition, a source of frustration as I feel I need this as an incentive to continue to strive.

In conjunction with my visual artwork, paintings and works on paper in
a variety of mediums, I am recording a suite of music that further
enhances my elucidation of each aspect of my subject. I am a
classically trained multi-instrumentalist and have been engaged in the
composition and recording of music in a variety of idioms since 1992.
From new classical to experimental, pop and alternative forms. In my
most recent work, I combine vocals with violin, mandolin, zither,
glockenspiel and guitar to create texturally rich compositions that
are inspired by the physical layering of multi media art materials.
You could say that I paint like a musician, and create music like a
painter! I have always had these two strings to my bow, but now would
like to present them in equal measure to engage and stimulate and
create interest in my potential audience.

Artists are champions of sensitivity, and in sharing unique
perspectives aim to enrich the senses of others and promote deep
thought. They can provide an engaging alternative to the strident
voices that pervade the media that can cause segregation and
polarisation in the opposing camps. To achieve genuine change and
embrace a sustainable future, we all need to work together. Lofty
sentiments I know, but this is the only way I know how to contribute,
whether that be by means of a carefully rendered protest sign for a
rally, a street art paste-up or in this my proposal for a more traditional
presentation of an exhibition.

New Winter Extinction – Acrylic on canvas 160 x 120 cm

New Winter War

“New Winter War” by Euan B Graham 76 x 57 cm Mixed media on paper 2020

It would appear that battle lines are being drawn all be it in a 2020 zone with drone technology and weapons of mass destruction, and those that suffer as “collateral damage” will be once again the bearers of the burden of human kinds inhumanity to humankind.

I don’t know if the work of an”outsider” visual artist can make much of a difference, but I am still compelled to reflect the discourse of my time, and give it a shot.

I recognise that there are different paths, or different lanes that society flows through. Those in the mainstream are spread far and wide with viral adeptness, but there are many more smaller tributaries that have colour and life and flavour and vigour that are sadly sidelined, much to the detriment of our cultural richness.




New Winter Emissions

I would like to organise the bringing together of artists for a major exhibition on climate change.

Symbolic Bird

20190802_004950The Bird


42 x 30 cm

Gouache on Paper

New Winter Quiet Tree


“New Winter Quiet Tree”


Acrylic and enamel on canvas

195 x 70 cm

The planet will go on in its transformed state, even if it can no longer support Humans. This painting is a very personal statement about loss and nature and that which is indefatigable. It is full of magic and also relates to the fragile yet resilient artistic spirit.

New Winter Omen

NEW WINTER OMEN“New Winter Omen” 2019 152 x 76 cm Acrylic and enamel on canvas

It feels like we are sitting here quite casually,  talking about climate change, global warming, big city pollution, the calamity ahead, but the juggernaut is rattling on mercilessly destructive and unstoppable – our stewardship…



“Bleached Coral” 2019 by Euan B Graham

“New Winter Exodus”

Global Warning – The Dance of Death